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Bong launches from 1997-1998
Alex Zoghlin

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Somehow I stumbled upon Mike Meier's old website in which he chronicles a bunch of Bong launches from 97-98, including Frank's L3 with "Excalibur".

Blast from the past:

Jan 30, 12 12:38 pm

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Cool! I spotted one of my old birds in the early August '98 collection.

I see Mark was at the Sept '11 launch with his big friggin' TCB Thunder: cool to see him at launches again!


Jan 30, 12 4:18 pm

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Mark's friggin' awesome photos have been and still are hosted here on our site (with Mark's permission) :
except for that last one on Oct 10. (I'm not sure why this Oct 10 omission....)
Just no active link to them at the moment....


I think I have old photo pages that stopped working at the time when this hosting service restructured their servers, requiring them to be reworked. But the photos are still around here somewhere. If there's enough interest I could be convinced to resurrect them ?

Jan 31, 12 1:21 am

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Great stuff....nothing like the old days at the Bong! Long lines of fliers and a ton o flights. Indeed, good to see Mark at the launches! Best part is the good sense of clothing style from our fellow rocketeers in the 90's. Mark, is that a perm?


Jan 31, 12 9:31 am

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