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MWP - Cases needed for Saturn V

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I will be flying my Saturn V at MWP again this year on 1 M1850W and 4 L850W all Aerotech. Im looking to borrow 3 Aerotech 75/3840 3 grain complete cases. Your name will be written on the case and if damaged or lost I will replace with a new one.

Also since the Saturn weights about 200 pounds on the pad, Im looking for help at the away cell.

I know MWP is months away, but I want to make sure I have all the cases to fly it. Please let me know if you can borrow me a case or if youd like to help at the away cell.

Thanks, Vern

Jul 25, 17 12:14 pm

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I got ya covered on one case.


Jul 28, 17 9:27 pm
Frank Nobile

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Hi Vern,
You can count on me to help you out with your project. Sorry don't have any 75's.

Aug 02, 17 1:33 pm

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Thanks to Justin and Jason I now have 3 of the 75/3840 cases. Still need 1 more. If anybody has one or knows somebody that does, please let me know.

Thanks, Vern

Aug 17, 17 7:28 am

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