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Pi Day launch
Judy Lubin

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Anyone launching a pie at the March 14 launch? Its epic this year - 3.14.15!

To answer my own question - no, I won't be launching a pie. I'll be there with the Northwestern team for their final (hopefully) test launch before Student Launch. But I hope someone will launch a pie!

Mar 08, 15 4:36 pm
Judy Lubin

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Alright so nobody is launching a pie. So, I will bring pie to eat!

I’ll be bringing enough to share (I think!), but I will also be showing up with a large group of underfed college students, to stop by early if you want pie. The Northwestern project is very exciting – they will be testing their “ground system” – more than just a launch pad.

Mar 11, 15 12:23 pm
Frank Nobile

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Will it be somewhat Irish?

Mar 12, 15 7:35 pm

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