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Launch Site at Bong
Frank Nobile

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I see the DNR has started to break ground for the new launch area.

The parking area and launch area is plowed and graded but not final.

As soon as the web master gets the pictures that I sent to post you'll see progress is progressing.

May 13, 14 8:58 pm

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Thank you for all your hard work in getting us a new launch area....


May 14, 14 12:22 pm
Brad and Adam Hall

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For someone not in the loop on all the details, could you drop a pin on the map of the park and show where this is, or is it the LDRS layout?

May 16, 14 11:36 am
Chris Roemer

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It LOOKs like the LDRS area will NOT be our "new" area, but rather in-between the two? Also, it SEEMs like the ponds around the NEW pad area will be filled in, but probably NOT around the LDRS pads?

May 20, 14 11:33 pm
Frank Nobile

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The water stays. Just make believe your at the Cape when that rocket takes off minus the gators.

May 21, 14 9:23 pm

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