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Tripoli Mentoring Program up and running!
Judy Lubin

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The Tripoli Mentoring Program was announced at LDRS 30, and the information is now available on the website:

The basic overview of the program is that teens ages 12-17 can take a test that will allow them to legally enter the high power pad areas on research days. Along with the other changes to the low power kid access made in January, this means that clubs no longer have to choose between research and family friendly. Also, teens can put their name on the flight card, along side the flyer of record.

I worked very hard to get this program in place. Given the perspective of the BoD when I began the task, this program is a huge step forward. Putting the program in place meant that the BoD had to re-think the entire issue. And they did re-think the entire issue, and more. Focusing it on education was key. Even those who donít believe that pad age restrictions are necessary can typically still see that itís not a bad idea to teach kids how to be safe on the range.

If we keep up with our regular only launches, the program wonít have much effect on us. But the changes that went along with it, including simplification of the safety code, will. The simplified version safety code should be released soon.

Jackson and I will be testing the program out at the Black Rock in August. He will be flying a minimum diameter rocket on an N5800, sponsored by me. Bummer of it is that the records committee ruled that commercial records are individual only, so only one name can go on the record. But, weíll all know who really earned it. Wish us luck!


Jul 18, 12 9:06 pm

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Nice work Judy! Great to see this news.


Jul 19, 12 9:16 am

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Nice job Judy. Good luck at Black Rock. I am anxious to hear how you and Jackson do.


Jul 19, 12 11:03 am

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Great job Judy!!!! Thrilled to see Tripoli moving in the right direction with youngsters. Wish a program like this was around before I was 18; it would have let kids like Preston, Trevor, and myself fly at a younger age ;).


Jul 19, 12 3:44 pm
Frank Nobile

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Hey Eric, That never stopped the nobile boys back in the 90's. Cause they had a mentor -ME! Now it's called adopt a mentor. Good job Judy.

Frank N.

Jul 19, 12 11:22 pm

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