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Mini Magg Drag race

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After watching you all race your Maggs I am getting in on the fun this year for the first. I have the kit almost built. One question do most of add nose weight or do they fly well out of the box?

Apr 07, 11 5:56 pm

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I have 15 oz nose weight. I cut a 1.5 inch hole in the aft end. Used a dowel rod with coarse sandpaper to scuff up the tip inside real good. Then dropped in steel shot and pour epoxy and steel shot and pour epoxy and...etc. I'd say the weight slug is 2 inches long / deep. I didn't like the stability or cg without the weight.

Apr 07, 11 6:41 pm

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They do not fly that well w/o the nose weight. I have 10oz of lead shot bb's in mine and its secured in with PML expanding foam......very happy with the results and its flown straight as an arrow. I think anywhere between 9oz-16oz would be sufficient.


Apr 08, 11 10:32 am
Frank Nobile

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yes, same as above works well.

Apr 11, 11 9:50 pm

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I lost my PICO at thunderstruck. I replaced it with an ADEPT altitude only altimeter. Can I use that in the drag race???

Those PICO's have a learning curve. You have to be VERY careful when putting on the nosecone or sliding in the motor into the rocket. It will detect the pressure and give a false reading. I had about 30% success with that thing.

Apr 14, 11 11:39 pm

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What's the cost to get in on this? I've heard Tim has a package deal..

Apr 19, 11 8:56 pm
Frank Nobile

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Read all about it on the TWA web. It's under "The great midwest Minnie Magg drag race" $69.00 for altimeter and load. If you don't have the casing, Tim has them.

Apr 19, 11 11:30 pm

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