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was that the last launch?

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I can't find another on the calendar and the notification says that the next launch is last Saturday. Is there a september launch?

Aug 19, 08 6:03 pm
Frank Nobile

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Yes, September 27 and 28

Aug 19, 08 7:17 pm
Dean Smith

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What about October & November?

Aug 19, 08 8:59 pm
Frank Nobile

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TWA ends it's launch season in September. We've stopped holding launches in those months for the past 5 or 6 years or more. If you need to launch - just gear up for the Midwest Power launch 30 days after our season ends in September - I do!

Also November is not the time to be launching rockets at Bong during Pheasant season along with other restricted areas we are not suppose to be in when retreiving are rockets.

Aug 19, 08 10:14 pm

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