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Rockets for Schools relaunch at Bong?
Lawrence L.

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When is it going to take place?
How much is the motor for a Class 1 rocket from Rockets for Schools?
How much is it for the fill foam that goes between the motor mount and the body tube?
So many questions, thank you for reading.

Lawrence L.

May 10, 08 9:46 pm
Frank Nobile

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I don't know of any relaunch for R4S. But you are welcomed to join us at Bong. Please contact the rockets for School personel if you missed out on the Sheboygan R4S launch. What Team are you? You can contact Tin Lehr from Wildman Rocketry to find out the price on a motor. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any further questions.

May 11, 08 8:07 pm
Randy Lutz

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Hi Lawrence

The R4S relaunch is not an organized event. It's just a chance to refly your rocket with the assistance of a Tripolli member. you can contact Frank Nobile or me to set up a date at Bong for your flight.

May 11, 08 8:22 pm

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