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Post your Lost or Found Here.

This is an attempt to link those missing rockets with their sad owners. If you find a rocket at Bong Recreational Area, first turn it into the RSO table at the launch. Tell them you found the rocket and someone will announce it at the LCO table. And a hint folks; put your name and phone number on the rocket! Chances are someone will find it and if the only ID is your TRA number, 4581 ain't gonna mean much to the hunter that finds it.

If you lose a rocket, check at the RSO, LCO, Pad Manager or Registration Tables. And don't forget to check in at the main gate. Often rockets are found by either rangers or visitors and are turned in. The rangers are very good about keeping them and will return them to you if you can identify the rocket.

But, if you can't find yours, post it here.
Please drop me a note if you get your rocket back, and I can remove your post.
If you saw one of these go down, please reply to the posts below.

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