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And what would a web site be without the obligatory bunch of links? Well, at least I think these all work. :-)

There are a few other members and orgs that might be of interest to you.

  • 321Rockets Large selection of Estes model rockets, beginner kits, and rocket engines..
  • Chuck Nozicka's "RocketDoc" web pages.
  • Paul Barina has some stereo photos on his web pages. Cool stuff!
  • David Miller's page, builder of the giant USS Atlantis and the new giant Saturn V he's been showing off.
  • Al Casper has his page set up. My apologies for not posting this sooner, but, well, I haven't. Drop and see what Al is up to.
  • Randy Culp has a couple of pages up as well. Check out his page of equations and space page.
  • If you are looking for an NAR section, check out the W.O.O.S.H. page in the Milwaukee area.
  • If you have a page you would like added, e-mail me and I'll post it here.

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