Justin Farrand's August 2008 Videos

Here are some videos that Justin shot at the August 2008 TWA launch.
August 16, 2008

1_Eric Cayemberg LOC Cyclotron Ellis H-48

10.4 MB

2_Phil Stephen AA Stealth AT J-415

6.50 MB

3_Chuck Nozicka Blind Faith AMW L-1111

17.7 MB

4_Eric Cayemberg PML Phobos Ellis H-50

5.04 MB

5_Steve Bakos Wildman AT J-250 FJ

6.45 MB

6_Preston Nobile Black and Blue AT I-300 T - CTI H-413 SS

5.40 MB

7_Dave S. Little Lunar Express AT I-245 MG

2.04 MB

8_Dave SAArcher AT J-350

13.7 MB

9_Hugh McGreavy Magnum AT J-420 R

14.8 MB

10_Phil Stephen Gizmo AT J-315 R

14.9 MB

11_Greg Olson Crayon H-180

4.10 MB

12_Dave Finch Wildman AT J-420 R L2

6.29 MB

13_YANK Team Tomahawk AT M-650

5.92 MB

14_Al Amy Kasper LOC Bruiser AT L-952 W

11.3 MB

15_Kevin Harnack L3 Cert Flight AT M-2030 MG

35.4 MB

16_GREAT MW MM DR 2008

51.9 MB